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" Even the accessory dual-prong airplane adapter (which lets you enjoy the many fine offerings available from your airline's in-flight entertainment channels) is high-grade aluminum.<p>
Once you learn where they are you can feel for them, but initially I couldn’t pinpoint them.<p>
They have been strategically positioned to enable users to control the functions effortlessly, quickly and easily.<p>
I seldom take the time to roll them up and put them away properly.<p>

Bose packs the ear cups with sound absorbing materials, which, combined with the active noise cancelling technology, works incredibly effectively, blocking the sudden, sharp sounds that noise cancelling struggles with.<p>

5mm mini-plugs, which are more robust, less prone to damage, and easier to connect.<p>
They’re brilliant.<p>

Cue the music for Monoprice's new entry into the fray: a closed-back, on-ear (and for some, over-the-ear) headphone with a removable and interchangeable cable for $69.<p>

They certainly aren’t a pair of Beats, but can produce really quite deep bass if pushed.<p>

0s are a solid choice for a good, general-use headphone.<p>
The EP3 also has a new tangle-free cable that features fabric wrapped in a composite plastic.<p>

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