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The earpads were also changed both in composition and physical structure.<p>
If only a larger-sized foam tip was supplied with the E1001, they could've fit almost as well as the Astell & Kerns AKT8E monitors.<p>
With other balanced connections, such as on the Moon Audio Dragon Inspire IHA-1 headphone amplifier, I heard no difference over the single-ended connection, but in this case both connections had the same voltage output capabilities.<p>

I loaded the application on my iPhone and tried listening to music through both the Monster app and the standard Apple music player.<p>
While it is vitally important that headphones arrive at their final destination intact and present a premium image, the HiFiMan HE-560 wooden box strikes me as overkill.<p>

What’s very cool though is you can pair two devices and seamlessly switch between them by pressing play on the device you want to use.<p>
I'm buying a pair for no other reason than to keep them as a reference benchmark.<p>
They’re not tiny when folded, but small enough to not make them burdensome in a commuter’s bag.<p>
At the $99 introductory price, it's a steal.<p>

division, which is headed up by Dave Russell and Tim Burton, began operations in 2014.<p>
The automatic standby feature gives it a total range of 240 hours.<p>
They get the midrange right, they have decent and controlled bass, and they lack any nasty treble spikes.<p>
0s with the Questyle CMA800i integrated DAC and headphone amplifier to see what they were capable with a high-end system.<p>

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