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Like most in-ear monitors, the E1001's soundstage and imaging happens within the space between your two ears.<p>
They sound more natural than the 24K Monster headphones; even though they have a "smile" shaped response curve, the bass is tipped up a bit less with the DNA Pro 2.<p>

They stay put without feeling too tight and are comfortable for extended wearing.<p>
I then met with Terence Dover of Monster, who has a background as a songwriter, producer, and engineer.<p>

He appears to have had some say over the sonics and his voice announces various settings such as, “Powering on”, “Powering off”, or “Connected”.<p>

Range was excellent as was signal strength and stability even with various other Bluetooth devices about my person.<p>

While you won't get the level of inner detail that comes through a pair of Stax electrostatic or Audeze planar designs, the Hi-Fi Over-the-Ear Headphone has adequate low-level information to keep listeners involved.<p>
This case is equal in quality to many I've seen packaged with earphones that cost ten times the E1001's price.<p>
5mm adapter.<p>

The earpieces can fold flat for storage and travel, and the headphones come with a molded travel case that has room for the headphones, cables, and even a small portable player, such as the Astell & Kern AK Jr.<p>
It’s a bit fiddly, but once inserted it looks like the wire should always be there.<p>

Listen Wireless implements Bluetooth 4.<p>
The most impressive thing is that the active noise cancelling doesn’t affect the audio quality,unlike on many other similar headphones.<p>
All on-ear headphones pinch your ears, because they press directly on them rather than surrounding them.<p>

That means you have to manually dig into Bluetooth settings on the phone and reconnect – an unnecessary few steps which are simple but get frustrating fast.<p>

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