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0s do quite well.<p>
While it might not be the most accurate, I generally found the music to be more engaging.<p>

0 headphones--both through the Questyle CMA800i headphone amplifier and my iPhone, with and without the Monster Sound Experience equalization engaged--I have to say that these are the best-sounding headphones I've heard from Monster.<p>
While I would not say that the HE-560s are less comfortable than the heavier Audeze LCD-2 headphones, for me they were more physically fatiguing after an hour of use.<p>

Probably a prospective purchaser's biggest concern with a sub-$100 headphone is its build quality and how that will affect long-term use.<p>

An app is available for Android and iPhone that displays battery level among other things.<p>
Rather than plastic, the SE-MONITOR5 employs super-rigid magnesium-alloy material that allows the transducer to achieve taut, clearly defined bass with accurate spatial sound placement that’s true to the source.<p>

A small red button on the bottom of the left-hand ear cup pauses music and feeds sounds picked up by the built-in microphones through the earpieces so that users can hear announcements and traffic without taking their headphones off.<p>

Even with EDM material, the HE-560 delivered low bass without any sense of strain.<p>
" Founded by Dr.<p>
Most of my evaluation tracks were full-resolution AIFF files stored on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 6, with some 24/96 FLAC files downloaded from HDTracks and played through VLC on a PC.<p>

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